HECA Nuuk A/S strives to create brilliant entertainment, brilliant social events and brilliant service for our guests in an environment that is healthy, safe and secure for both our guests and employees. It is our aim to develop the entertainment and restaurant industry in a professional and sustainable way that considers public health.

Consequently, it is not about getting our guests drunk but providing as many people as possible with a lovely and qualitative nightlife experience. We are fully aware of our social responsibility, and we wish to play an active part in the positive development of the Greenlandic society.

We endeavour to incorporate preventive messages in all aspects of our external and internal marketing communication. We are actively making an effort to ban minors from the nightlife, and we are actively preventing violence and unease in the nightlife.

Room for everyone
At HECA Nuuk A/S, everyone is equal. However, we as individuals are different, and that is an advantage. We all play a part in creating mutual respect.

Language policy
Greenlandic is the main language in Greenland, and we aim at communicating in the main language to the largest extent possible. The languages spoken in the workplace are Greenlandic, English and Danish.

We aim at integrating the Greenlandic language in our products/brands as we wish to promote the interest in the Greenlandic language through the concepts and brands sold in Greenland and for export.