HECA Nuuk A/S owns and runs a majority of the bars and restaurants in Nuuk, Greenland. This includes the largest nightclub in the country and the Greenlandic brewery Godthaab Bryghus. Kristinemut, the oldest concert venue in Greenland featuring concerts every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, is also part of HECA Nuuk A/S.

HECA Nuuk A/S also organises a number of entertainment productions and events. In 2016, we organised more than 200 concerts with Greenlandic artists and bands and a number of events featuring international artists, company parties etc.

The company has an active CSR policy, and it actively seeks to strengthen concrete measures within the field of prevention. All types of packaging from the brewery come with printed warnings about excessive consumption of alcohol. Most advertisements and every campaign that the brewery has run have contained preventive elements. Furthermore, the company has actively contributed to making the nightlife safer by means of campaigns, information and a constructive co-operation with the police and other authorities.

The company is actively working to strengthen its ties to the local community and contributes to the positive development within the community by hiring more local employees, and HECA NUUK A/S now also communicates and develops concepts in the Greenlandic language to a higher degree.

The company's external activities, including export as well as various "business incubator projects" within the fields of entertainment and development of formats, help generate a positive interest in Greenland, Greenlandic products and are to be seen as tourist promoting assets.